The LivingRoom Community Art Studio

Welcome to the LivingRoom Community Art Studio and Mobile Art Hive Project.

Making and sharing art for free where you live, work, learn and play -
sparking creative growth and transformation in lives and communities.

Founded in 2013

The LivingRoom Community Art Studio is a registered charity and Oshawa based Art Hive that provides opportunities for community members to make and share art for free in the service of promoting community development and individual well-being

We work with

all ages, abilities, and walks of life - including those most marginalised - to reduce the barriers that prevent individuals and families from engaging in arts based activities and realising their extraordinary potential as creators and cultural stakeholders in their own communities.

We believe that

everyone is an artist and that art is more than just the things we make. When people have opportunities to share and explore their thoughts, feelings, identities and experiences in creative ways it benefits us all.

Create with us!

We create together online, and in community through our Mobile Art Hive. Visit our Calendar Page, or subscribe to our Events on Facebook to learn more about upcoming Mobile Art Hive and Virtual Art Hive programming that you can participate in and contribute to.

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COVID Guidelines

COVID-19 Safety

Safety always comes first and our primary concern is to protect those most vulnerable on our team and in our community. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the level of awareness and need to support those within our community, especially those most marginalized.

During this time we will be guided by science, public health recommendations, and anti-ableist advocacy. The LivingRoom staff and volunteers are fully vaccinated, however, we realize that not everyone we work with in the community will be. We also realize that safety might mean different things to different people. With this in mind, we ask all those who make art with us in person to sanitize their hands before and after material use, to maintain social distancing whenever possible, and to wear a mask when it is not. If you need a mask, just ask and we can provide one for you. Together, we will do our best to take care of one another and create a path through these strange and uncertain times.